NEEL DANIEL - Blue Eyed Monkey

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 Ultimate Membership in the Dyslextasy Friends With Benefits Club

Ultimate Membership in Dyslextasy's "Friends With Benefits" fan club

Ultimate Membership - never expires!$200.00BUY IT!

Ultimate Membership includes:
  • A subscription to the Dyslextasy "Friends with Benefits" Podcast
  • Three (3) free autographed copies of "We Will Not Be Afraid", mailed to you free of charge
  • A personal thank you note from the band
  • An autographed poster
  • PLUS!!! We will re-record one of our songs with new lyrics that are about you or your friends or whatever you want. You can either give us lyrics or give us ideas and we'll write the words. A perfect idea for a the holidays, a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. This is the coolest present you can give.

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