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 THE RUNS - Wet Sounds (2005)

Punk rock for complex people who appreciate simple songs
The debut CD from the Runs. Featuring "Idle Masses", "Creepshow", and "Rancho Slutadero".

14 song CD$8.00BUY IT!

"It's like listening to the Lookout! record that never came out, the lost tapes so to speak. It's like the singer of The Vandals and Joe Queer at times with the Queers as the backing band and Ben Weasel helping with the songwriting/arrangement. WOW." -Jonny Manak (producer at SuperSpeedway Music; git player for Clay Wheels and The Cliftons, Texas Thieves; skating legend)

Track Listing:
1. She Don't Want Me
2. Idle Masses -- Listen!
3. Blood Feast (A Love Song)
4. Aardvark
5. Bought and Sold
6. Another Day
7. Creepshow -- Listen!
8. Wet Sounds
9. Rancho Slutadero -- Listen!
10. Nothing Poetic
11. My Girlfriend's an Australopithecine
12. Your Butt Begs for Butter
13. Empty Words
14. Hang On To Your Chorro

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