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 DYSLEXTASY: Live. Die. Repeat. (2008)

"Drinking Songs for the New World Order"
The debut CD from dyslextasy, featuring 5 original tracks and a powerful cover of Jimmy Webb's classic Highwayman

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Early Reviews for Live. Die. Repeat.

"Clever and sharp, intelligent without being preachy, dyslextasy puts an original spin on everyday things that has me smiling like a mofo. 'Mr. Sunshine' is the hilarious tale of an unwanted asshole at somebody's party. It's dead-on and fun as all get out and is a perfect example of how these guys wryly just nail it. Musically, dyslextasy mixes it up a bit, rocking out here, smoothly cruising along there, but it's always a great complement to their lyrics, which is really the strength of this band. There's also a fair amount of boozy hijinks on 'Live. Die. Repeat.', and as a habitual drunkard, I really appreciate that." Ben Hunter, Askew Reviews

"Dyslextasy: Hard to pronounce but not as hard as the tunes these guys are cranking out. It's like Willie Wonka spelled with a Dyslextasy and everyone should have a taste of the ear candy these guys bring. They came, they conquered, and are on the way to be yet another big named rock band that will pin Seattle on the hits list." -- Deejay WaR, SongPlanet.com

"Hard and raw, no messing Rock that grinds and slides like a steam roller or a heavy ice smoothing machine. There's no escaping this sound so let it roll over you" - JAWZ. IACMusic.com

"Now I understand why they kept calling me Mr. Sunshine. Im crestfallen." The Rakish Cad

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