NEEL DANIEL - Blue Eyed Monkey

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"It's like listening to the Lookout! record that never came out, the lost tapes so to speak. It's like the singer of The Vandals and Joe Queer at times with the Queers as the backing band and Ben Weasel helping with the songwriting/arrangement. WOW."
-- Jonny Manak (skating legend, Clay Wheels)

Praise for The Runs' debut CD, Wet Sounds

Steve (King of Mice, Steven R. Brooks) spreading the cheese in Paris

Scott (the Runs) in Vegas

Urban Cheese at The Great Wall

Leslie (Cocktail Revisionists) in Paris

Warren (DC to Daylight) in Rio

Patrick (Cocktail Revs, Urban Cheese Records) in Nice

Brian (The Cocktail Revisionists) on a beach on Mars

Patrick (The Cocktail Revisionists) in Taipei

Neel & Patrick (The Cocktail Revisionists) at KSER 90.7FM

Troy (friend of the Cheese) - what the hell are you doing?

Neal (friend of the Cheese) in DC

Patrick (Cocktail Revs) in Monaco